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About company

 Production, Service and Trade "Luna" Ltd. was founded in 1988 and is listed under KRS number 0000148618. The Company is engaged in the production of candles, candles and heaters telights. With many years of experience and work with the best suppliers of raw materials for the production of grave lights, candles, tealights and the products manufactured by our company enjoy high quality as evidenced by the satisfaction of our customers. The company you will find:
-glass grave lights
-plastic grave lights
-long burning grave lights
-candles on the contribution
-electric grave lights

-exchangeable refills
Grave lights offer more than 120 designs in different colors, with painted applications, candles on the manifold shape and very rich colors and tealights with presed paraffin, tealights fragrances and flavors, and a dozen colors. Our office and manufacturing facility are located in Gorlice on ​​ul.11-go Listopada 34 in the province Malopolska. To contact us feel free to contact us tab. We encourage all interested parties to reviewing the offer.

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